Short-term rentals
across Ticino

Feel Ticino Feel Home offers a new concept for adding value in the real estate market, both for properties for rent and for sale.
Based on a specially created formula, we give suitable properties submitted to us their own unique signature, making them immediately accessible to the growing tourist rental market.
All this while leaving room for a potential long-term lease or sale that can be quickly finalised with our assistance.

The rental service

Hi-q Swiss Consulting Sagl – the firm behind the Feel Ticino Feel Home concept – is a trusted partner for all property owners wishing to rent out their apartments for short periods.

We give specialised and realistic advice on the potential of your property.

Not least, we provide all services that will make the property suitable to host tourists, from full cleaning through to the supply of towels and dedicated furnishings, while ensuring the it has targeted promotion in the sector.

The apartments

The apartments available for short-term rental that Feel Ticino Feel Home offers are all new and equipped with the best amenities to make guests feel at home.

For information about the services the company offers, or to request advice on offering your property for short-term rental, please contact the Feel Ticino Feel Home office located in Via Cantonale 15 in Melide.


Call for information on the apartments available for rent

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