Hi-q Swiss Consulting Sagl, the company behind the Melide-based Feel Ticino Feel Home service, offers all-round management of your apartment, making sure it is set up properly to welcome guests seeking a short-term rental.
Thanks to our experience in the hotel sector, we ensure the highest quality, not only in the service provided to guests who we personally welcome, but also in assessing and preparing spaces based on our innovative approach.

For more information or a personal consultation, please get in touch using our contact details.

Book a holiday home in Ticino directly with Feel Ticino Feel Home and enjoy exclusive offer 10% on your rental for Autumn and Winter booking!

The beauty of Ticino

There’s no end to what Ticino has to offer, with so many marvellous views and just as many leisure and cultural opportunities for you to enjoy. Autumn, winter, spring, summer... at these latitudes, there’s no season that disappoints.

What are you looking for? - Perhaps a relaxing weekend by the lake, or a stay in the mountains beside a cosy fireplace.
Are you thinking of boat trips, excursions to snow-capped peaks or a culinary journey through the area’s many internationally renowned wineries, a source of much national pride?

By booking an apartment for short-term rental with Feel Ticino Feel Home, you can enjoy these experiences and many more.
<h3>The beauty of Ticino</h3>

Ticino's popular destinations

Why trust the experts?

There are many good reasons to choose real estate professionals when booking an apartment or outsourcing management of your own:

- extensive local knowledge and the choice of the best, most comfortable houses in the area’s prime locations;
- a secure process for choosing and booking your apartment;
- the option to receive assistance when arriving and leaving the apartment.

To find out about the full range of services offered by Feel Ticino Feel Home, don’t hesitate to call, send an email or fill in the contact form.

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